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On set at the Houdini Mansion with 2Chainz and Jhene Aiko for GQ's Most Expensivist Sh*t

"ACCURATE AF. I had a list of questions prepared and kept my mouth shut about it the entire reading. She nailed every one of my questions on the nose without me sayin a single word. She has a real, true, authentic gift. I was allowed to record and my friends got chills when they heard the end of the reading when I asked all the questions I prepared because she answered every single one before I asked the questions. The reason I say she has a true gift is because she started the reading right away. It wasn't until halfway into the session that she began using tarot cards to enhance her reading... Truly amazing and useful to go see her. Well worth the money if you can afford such a luxury. The healing from her session is well worth years of psychological therapy.

-Stella, Echo Park, Los Angeles, Calif. 

"I've been seeing Megan for about three years now - in person and over the phone for readings. She is always on point, and has an amazing gift. She helped me find my way out of a bad relationship, and opened my eyes to find the man I was meant to be with, and am now marrying!" 


-Holly K.

"All I did was say my name and she started saying so much information about me. She even told me about a guy that was going to be coming into my life and around what time (even told me the initial of his first/last name) and it ended up happening exactly around that time! I had such a great session, that I ended up having my mother get a session as well - and again, it was so intuitive and on-point. She's worth every penny."


-Samantha B., Winnetka, Calif.  

"Sooo.... I'm the guy that believes in this stuff... However, I think 99.99999% of these people are crap! Liars, cheat, scam artist, heathens.. LOL. 

I went because of my girlfriend and my only response is WOW!! This girl is incredible!!! She was spot on with everything! She started my girlfriends reading first. She immediately started speaking. Didn't ask any questions, just got into it and started telling her EXTREMELY detailed things that freaked me out. 

When she finished with her and started with me I was a bit nervous, and she brought on all the things going on to specifically describing my office and furniture that I had picked out.


Amazing!! I will definitely be going back again!"

-Timothy, Tustin, Calif. 

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