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I have started using a method that all of my favorite energy workers, mediums, and psychics are using.  I have you take several deep breaths (which I do with you) in order to center in and get your energy centered and open in order for me to tap into your energy.  I can do readings over the phone or in person.  It is all energy.  I actually have clients all over the world.


I almost always start with the Celtic cross spread.  It is traditionally a 10 to 11 card spread that gives a very basic overview of your life.  I pull and add cards intuitively as I am guided to.  


After the basic overview, I will look into other areas of your life in more detail with the remaining time.  I usually can get about 1-2 areas in in a 30 minute reading, 2-3 in in a 45 minute reading plus questions, and all areas in a 60 minute reading plus specific questions as well.  I talk really fast, and try to get as much in as I can.   


You can view my live schedule book and appointment directly on my websiteUpon booking a reading you will receive an automated confirmation email. If you do not receive this confirmation email, please email my assistant Sara at New clients may experience a delay in this automated email.  


Gift certificates available here. Skype readings are for international clients only. Voice chat only.

15 minute follow-up phone reading . . $125 

For returning clients who have had a reading in the last three months. Limit one 15 minute follow-up reading per 30 minute+ reading. 

30 minute phone reading  . . . . $225

30 minute Skype reading  . . . . $225

45 minute phone reading  . . . . $325

45 minute Skype reading  . . . . $325

60 minute phone reading  . . . . $425

60 minute Skype reading  . . . . $425


All international readings will be via Skype. Megan will call you at your appointment time. If you experience issues with this please email Sara at



I am also available for events for $425 per hour (with a two hour minimum and a four hour maximum).  If it’s 30 minutes or more from my address, there is a $50 drive charge per half hour. We can discuss and customize what type of readings you want to do for your event, and how many I can do in that time. I do premier parties, wrap parties, bachelorette parties, weddings, birthdays, and group readings. There is a 50% deposit required to secure the event date which is refundable up to 48 hours in advance. I also occasionally will donate readings for silent auctions for charity events.


To inquire about an event, please email my assistant Sara at



Looking for the perfect gift for the special someone? Gift certificates are now available. Click here to purchase a gift certificate. The recipient will receive a personalized email with a code so they can book a reading at their convenience.  

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