The Empress Workshop | A Self love boot camp

The Empress Workshop is a 30 day program for women who want to improve their relationships with themselves and shift into their own personal power and joy from a feminine perspective. 


I created the Empress Workshop for women in response to reading for so many powerful, together, beautiful female clients who have no idea how to give to themselves without guilt or shame. I saw a major need to teach women to get out of apologetic behavior for self care.


We, like the Empress, are taught to be nurturers. Unlike the Empress, many women have trouble when it comes to nurturing ourselves. We also have trouble treating ourselves like the queens that we are and receiving the good things that life brings our way, with a "Yes! Thank you!" This workshop is a self care boot camp. It will help teach how to drop into a healthy sense of "selfness". Selfness is the healthy middle ground between selflessness and selfishness. When we care for ourselves and put on our own oxygen mask first, we are able to give from a heart that is full and give happily and sincerely. This takes away the quiet resentment of the girl who can’t say no.


Here’s to your coronation, your majesty! Long live the queen! 



Included in the program:


*A 30 day course with daily email and a “Queen Challenge of the Day" Monday through Friday.


*A private Facebook group for support among participants.


*Weekly tele-calls with meditation and a Q&A session.


*Email support from me. 


*Find your inner queen! 


       practical manifesting | Live Online

Back by popular demand!


Learn to create the kind of life that you want, like ‘magic’ while remaining grounded, practical, and smart. Megan Le Fey will be sharing techniques on how to shift your mindset in order to manifest your dreams.  This class is a good bridge between the practical techniques and the energetic ones. 


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